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Beyond the virtual world with Notarius

In 2020, it is almost impossible to go without technological tools in our day to day lives. The digitization of documents with a simple click, certainly makes our task easier, but also exposes us to more and more risks of fraud and identity theft; hackers can easily assume our identity for profit. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the cost of identity theft in Canada is close to $21.2 million for Canadians in 2018, compared to $11.7 million in 2017.

Faced with the resurgence of fraud, a visionary company Notarius, led by Claude Charpentier, felt the need to develop tools to guarantee identity and protect corporate documents. Although the latter is “still surprised by general delays in digital transformation at various levels such as state, organizational, etc.”, his company offers the perfect means, to ensure that your official electronic documents are reliable and legal compliant. Member of In-Sec-M, a cyber security industry centre of excellence that brings together the different players of the ecosystem.

Services offered by Notarius

Positioning itself as the only Canadian company that issues trusted digital signatures recognized by Adobe and Microsoft, Notarius allows professionals in various sectors the opportunity to sign and authenticate electronic documents with the same legal value as a hand-signed paper version. In doing so, it offers reliable products and solutions such as:

• CertifiO a digital signature certificate linked to an identity, a professional status or an organization within the user’s affiliation ;
• ConsignO Desktop a PDF reader and signature solution.

What are the greatest challenges to overcome?

According to Mr. Charpentier, “The greatest challenge is to be a key player in the world of digital identity and document reliability. Standards differ from one country to the next, so it’s about being at the centre of a signature process by ensuring all of our customers’ needs.”
To take part in a performance, reliability and trust dynamic in December 2019, Notarius joined Verified.Me a digital identity verification network from SecureKey Technologies Inc., for a safe and timely identity check.

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