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Being an independent consultant to make a bigger difference

With more than 35 years of training and experience in the information technology field, Claude L’Arrivée specializes in cybersecurity and privacy protection, as an independent consultant. He has many certifications (CISSP, CISA, CRISC, CPSP, CDPP, ITIL (F)).

He took the leap in 2007. “I felt like I didn’t make a difference as an employee anymore. I now have the freedom of thought to better identify gaps and weaknesses within organizations,” he says. His company, Claude L’Arrivée Inc., works in both the public and private sectors, and specializes in particular in cybersecurity governance, cloud security, risk management, privacy policies and controls, audits safety, and mentoring.

Currently, Mr. L’Arrivée is immersed head first in cloud computing solutions, where he must consider all aspects of the implementation of such a solution within the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec. He also plans to advise small and medium-sized businesses, which face multiple challenges and have few resources – whether in connection with the implementation of a cloud, or the protection of personal information and credit cards, etc. He would like to create a cybersecurity service offering to mobilize several SMEs with common objectives in the area of ​​information security.

How did you experience the impact of COVID?

“Personally, instead of working 75% of my time at home, I am now 100% there,” says L’Arrivée. Within organizations, the consultant points out that teleworking entails significant risks in terms of cybersecurity. He is concerned about current practices, where everything is done by email, informally, without adequately protecting the documentation. “Cybercriminals adapt very quickly to the socio-political context. The reality is that the pace of work is very fast. Employees are pushed behind the back. We let our guard down…” he adds.

Why is it important to be a member of In-Sec-M?

Mr. L’Arrivée chose to be a member of In-Sec-M because the organization has expertise “that is not in the ordinary world.” There are experts in artificial intelligence or data analysis; these qualified people can help us. Although he’s been very busy in the past year, the cybersecurity specialist expects to spend a bit more time in 2021 bonding in this large network.

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