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Beauceron: A New Approach in Cybesecurity

The Beauceron, a dog of French origin characterized by a sense of responsibility and work, in addition to guaranteeing essential security. It is through these qualifiers that the cybersecurity company of Fredericton Beauceron Security identifies itself, directed by David Shipley, and created in 2015 by experienced experts in the field.

Its mission is to work on the practice of awareness and response to cybersecurity incidents at the University of Fredericton. In light of the scale of phishing attempts on the Internet, and certain inappropriate approaches to dealing with his threats within the university, David Shipley and his colleagues are developing solutions against the cyber attack. Towards the end of 2017, Beauceron Security obtained funding of $ 500,000, which will allow it to have its premises on Queen Street in Fredericton.

A winning approach

With around twenty employees in New Brunswick and Ottawa, Beauceron Security offers tailor-made, fast and secure services to improve the cybersecurity of organizations. With the aim of successfully modifying user behaviors, it uses a gamification-based approach to generate engagement through personalized training, phishing simulations and real-time reports.

This has enabled it to acquire more than 200,000 users in 39 countries in various sectors such as: financial institutions, higher education, IT, provincial and municipal government.

What are the advantages of being a member of In-Sec-M?

According to David Dion, account manager, ” with In-Sec-M, we are able to improve cybersecurity issues, culturally and technologically; we are proud to have a solid clientele in Canada. ”

Challenges in 2020

For David Dion “the business is booming, and we continue to innovate despite the technical challenges, while maintaining our entrepreneurial culture and the dynamism of our team. We are also improving our visibility with the federal government and new changes are underway. ”

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