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AWEE: Generating results through simplicity

Internet is one of the best innovations that are shaping our way of life. However, its cross-border nature, through information and communication technologies, presents several challenges in terms of security, especially regarding the protection of personal information. According to the IBM and Ponemon’s 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report: “Of malicious attacks, the most common methods of compromise were stolen credentials, cloud disfiguration, third-party software vulnerability and phishing scams. Twenty-three percent of all data breaches were caused by human error.”

Following these observations, AWEE Inc. (Awareness E-learning) was co-founded by Ms. Linda Lyons, an expert in development and IT solutions delivery. Its mission is to deliver solutions aimed at changing human behavior in a user-friendly way with the objective of developing innovative products limiting the risks and fraud for companies and users that may be victims. AWEE Inc., sister company of Kéréon Inc., is focused on delivery cybersecurity awareness products and metrics.

AWEE products

AWEE Inc. offers different products in cybersecurity, including more than thirty E-learning video capsules that allow employees in various sectors, as well as users in general, to understand best practices in cybersecurity.

According to Linda, “we have decided to develop awareness products after several client’s requests. In addition, recent media coverage of large companies and Small & Medium Business victims of computer attacks has created more interest for cybersecurity risks awareness among users.”

Positioning of AWEE in the market

As per Ms. Lyons: “AWEE Inc. positions itself through its products and personalized services, offered to clients from various backgrounds. In addition, the products we offer are not limited only to businesses, but to everyone who wishes to adopt or improve cybersecurity behaviors.”

What is the importance of being a member of In-Sec-M

According to Ms. Lyons, being a member of In-Sec-M is: “a networking opportunity and being able to interact with peers. It is also the possibility of benefiting from tools and support by In-Sec-M which can help us gain more visibility in the Canadian and international market.”

Finally, with a multidisciplinary team, AWEE Inc. is ready to support you towards safe cybersecurity behaviors.

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