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Accessible Training to Learn How to Protect Data Against Cyberattacks

Imagine receiving an email nobody wants: “If you want access to your data and your computer system back, you will need to pay”.

Your encrypted data are in the hands of blackmailing strangers. What if the media get a hold of the news, adding yet another issue to your plate?

Recent data attacks suggest that companies, even the largest ones with all the financial resources, don’t always think of the loopholes in their computer systems. We’ve all heard of sensitive client data being stolen from hospitals and banks.

Did you know there is a cybersecurity certification program for small and medium-sized organizations, called CyberSecure Canada, offered in partnership with National Research Council Canada?

With this training, we will help you comply with applicable standards.

At the end of the program, 13 security controls will need to be reviewed and applied, for example:

  • Drawing up an action plan in case of an incident;
  • Activating security software;
  • Raising employee awareness through training;
  • Establishing basic perimeter defences;
  • Securing cloud computer environment and outsourced IT services;
  • Securing websites;
  • Securing removable storage.

Feeling lost already? Don’t panic, you will be presented with scenarios to protect your organization against cyber attacks by determining the loopholes in your operating systems.

By signing up with us, you will get access to more than 70 experts from across the country.

Beyond our expertise, we also have experience: we have trained more than a hundred organizations through our consulting services program.

There are only a few simple steps to register to our training:

Protection against cyber attacks is now an essential when it comes to launching a business. It provides confidence to our clients, our organizations, in addition to protecting our reputation.