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A new era in cybersecurity with Fortica

With the development of the Internet and the immeasurable production of digital data, new technologies have emerged to facilitate the management and securing of this data. This is the case of the cloud technology, which allows users to back up their data directly on the Internet.

However, the advent of this technology requires special attention in terms of cybersecurity, especially that of businesses.

This is where Mr. Samuel Bonneau, computer engineer, created the Fortica company with the mission of defining cybersecurity strategies to support business development, digital innovation and operational efficiency via the potential of cloud.

To do this, several services are offered for:

  • guarantee the safe use of your cloud services;
  • protect your online services exposed to threats;
  • secure your data in a context of mobility.

Fortica Customer Profile

Their clients are in three main sectors: financial-insurance, government and high-tech companies. Fortica has a partnership with a division of Hitachi Systems Security in Montreal, a Japanese company, in addition to an exclusivity agreement within the Quebec region. For Mr. Bonneau: “This led us to leave the province of Quebec, and to accelerate our growth, hence the rate of hiring a new employee per month to soon 11 employees. ”

Involvement in In-Sec-M

According to the president of Fortica, “with In-Sec-M, we have the chance to present our solutions to the members. It is thanks to her that we discovered the PICQ project, for which we will be in France in January during the economic mission in innovation at the International Cybersecurity Forum. My only complaint is that I waited so long before I became a member. ”

Fortica’s biggest challenge

Fortica has notably established itself as a privileged partner to support a government entity in a hybrid deployment of Azure and Azure Stack. As Mr. Samuel Bonneau states: “We have big projects right now, including the Quebec government’s cloud project. ”

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