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A Bridge towards North Africa for Canada’s Ecosystem

In-Sec-M’s Business Development Director Nicolas Duguay continued his efforts to strengthen the ties underway for the past few months with the North African cybersecurity ecosystem by visiting Casablanca and Rabat, Morocco, at the end of the last October.

Indeed, In-Sec-M participated in two important events, AITEX and Futur.e.s in Africa in Rabat, the capital, and Casablanca, the Moroccan economic metropolis. Also, taking advantage of his time in the area, he held meetings with various stakeholders on the local ecosystem.

The goal was to take the pulse of this ecosystem, of course, but above all to forge tangible links with both public and private local structures, in order to promote access to the Moroccan market to Canadian organizations wishing to take advantage of the opportunities North Africa has to offer.

Holding meetings bordering on AITEX and Futur.e.s in Africa have thus helped to define the outlines of future Canadian-Moroccan cybersecurity collaborations, whether they be offshoring, workforce training, exchanges between accelerator incubators, local establishments or locating business partners.

In short, a new bridge has been built between two ecosystems and In-Sec-M is offering to help you get on board.

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