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Large-scale project at National Defence

The Department of National Defence released more information earlier this week on a very important project by the Canadian Armed Forces to acquire a cyber defence solution to improve decision support in general and the security of DND and the CAF cyberspace, including the ability to detect, analyze and respond to threats. The integrated capability of the CD-DAR project must provide reliable contextual analysis in support of DND and CAF decisions and actions within designated command network and network extensions and systems Defence Deployment Area (RED). Ultimately, the capacity of the CD-DAR project will enable the CAF cyberforce to defend the freedom of action and interests of the CAF in cyberspace in support of CAF missions and operations. However, the CD-DAR project must be designed to allow scalability to other network environments, as needed.

In-Sec-M is already working with Canada Economic Development (CED) to help its members position themselves favorably for a project that could easily reach half a billion dollars and that falls under the control of the ITR policy. An information session on the project as such, if our members tell us about their interest in such an activity, could also be organized during the fall.

We invite you to consult the following links for more information on the project:

As always, you can contact Mr. Nicolas Duguay, Director of Market Development and in charge of Defence and Security at In-Sec-M, for more information.