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400 Participants at the Cybersecurity & Identity Summit

The Cybersecurity & Identity Summit, organized by In-Sec-M, in collaboration with Converge Technology Partners, the Capital Hill Group, the Ottawa Cybersecurity meetup Group, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and Prompt, comes to an end today, after five days of workshops and networking.

Throughout the week, 400 people connected virtually to discuss their issues and innovative ideas in regard to cybersecurity, digital identity and data protection.

During the five-day event, 23 presentations were broadcast on the platform, and some thirty interactive workshops were held. More than 400 contacts were made and beyond 1,000 messages exchanged.

“An aspect that emerged during this second edition is the need for cooperation between the various parties involved in the Canadian cybersecurity ecosystem in order to tackle cyber threats, notes Antoine Normand, President of In-Sec-M. The various levels of government—local, provincial and federal—must work together, in collaboration with the private sector as well as universities and colleges in order to protect organizations and territories from cyber threats.”

The panel on digital identity, held on the first day of the event, emphasized on the fact that digital identity is an essential ingredient in the cybersecurity and privacy protection arsenal. Panellists highlighted the commitment of public and private sectors to collaborate for the implementation of a strong citizen-centred digital identity infrastructure. The importance of interoperability between the various digital identity solutions to better serve businesses and citizens was also mentioned.

The various presentations covered the topics of digital identity, privacy, digital transformation, cybersecurity as well as cybercrimes. The last day focused on Government presentations. The content will remain available post-Summit.

The atmosphere on the digital platform was pleasant and interactive, with question periods, live chats, and about thirty workshops on Thursday morning.

The dialogue and sharing of information must be pursued beyond this event to strengthen the Canadian cybersecurity industry, and support innovation as well as commercialization of Canadian cybersecurity solutions. One of the strategies is for the content to remain accessible after the event. Participants may also continue to connect with one another using the platform.

In-Sec-M wishes to thank its 35 partners: Terranova Security, Beauceron Security, MNP, RHEA, Venafi, ISA, Checkmarks, Devolutions, KPMG, CIRA, Converge Technology Partner, Capital Hill Group, Prompt as well as all bronze and silver partners.